November, 2007 Honorees

(Back row) Edward Goolsby, Steve Murphy and Daniel Piehler
(3rd row)  Tashjmen Cowart, Helena Clements Hounsel and Brittany Fedick
(2nd row) Isaiah Cowart, Makayla Spence and Loreni Sanchez
(1st row) Christian Gonzalez-Reyes  

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Congratulations to our honoree's for
"Doing The Right Thing".

"Do The Right Thing" and programs like it are only the first step.
The future of today's children is what we make it.
The success of this program depends on the support of parents, teachers, neighbors and the private business sector. It is through their continuing commitment to build a stronger community, and their generous support that the "Do The Right Thing" program can flourish.

You can continue the work of "Do The Right Thing" in your community.